Lights to Guide me Home

It is often night by the time
there is enough of a catch
to bring home.

Once past the high bridge there
are few landmarks by which to navigate
in the dark.

I find my way by lights
in the windows lining the canal,
each one framing a family
I have come to know
by their routines,

almost as well as the one
waiting for me to return.



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16 responses to “Lights to Guide me Home

  1. You have told a story which is greater than the few words which contain it. I had a vivid picture of place, people and way of life. That takes real skill to create.

  2. I’m with Viv, this is a lovely glimpse.

  3. Oh, yes, and oh again. You are getting to be quite a master at the turn before the end.

    • I usually start with the ending, or at least an end in mind. have been working on the ‘turn’ though. Not exactly accurate…There is usually a line or two, then the ending presents itself and I have to figure out how to get there.

      Thank you.

      • Interesting. I have an idea, write a line or two, go away, come back write several lines, go away… your method sounds less protracted, but there isn’t a whole lot we can do about what the brain is going to give us, or the way!

      • I can rarely accomplish anything with the go/come back method. If I go away before at least completing a draft all ideas are lost. It might completely change during revision, but it will never be completed if I don’t get it out, at least in the same day. But, yes, no control over the mental process…

  4. that is beautiful to be guided home in the way he is here… i can picture him..

  5. It is interesting, I think. When I was a child, all neighbors left their drapes open; and we could walk the neighborhood and see what people were doing inside….and we knew these neighbors by their routines as well. Not so today when drapes are closed and what goes on in homes is a mystery. I like the progression of this poem and also the ending with the one waiting for you to return.

  6. very cool…its funny, even in driving home from work, i know some of the families though i have never met them…there is an old couple that walks their dogs and waves every day…i should stop and introduce myself….

  7. If you follow routines there are people you get to know inadvertently simply by observing… the awkward moment comes when you meet them for the first time, and you know much more of them than they like … 🙂

  8. Nice imagery. I can see the families, at their evening dinner or whatever time together and the lights rippled across the canal, pointing the way home. Very nice.

  9. Pure and simple – works well – I am there with you.

  10. There is a warmth, a familiarity and certain anticipation in your words. Enjoyed this story, there’s nothing quite like coming home again!

  11. poetrypea

    I so enjoyed this, simple, effective and non pretentious

  12. I like the vintage feel this has… almost timeless

  13. What a beautiful reflection of real life-love the warmth in the “homecoming” 🙂

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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