Work to be Done

is work
to be done.
Despite the cold
I will venture forth
to do what must be done,
shielded by layers of cloth.
At home, there is plenty of wood
and those who wait while the work is done.


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15 responses to “Work to be Done

  1. there will always be those that wait, while work is done.
    but i will take this as a loving family ready to usher you in.

  2. I remember the winters in NY and AK near Fairbanks, Crazy stuff right there and almost unimaginable. Bringing cold and uh snow days. Not so much in Alaska.

  3. sadly it will always be the case that some do the work while others just wait – even though the wood is almost at their front door

  4. A good Fibonacci poem. I’m in the waiting category just now but resenting not being able to work!

  5. Some just don’t bother to give a hand. It’s a case of not having experienced adversity that showed no remorse! Nice Fibonacci, Mark!


  6. Hi mark you speak simply here about something that is fundamental – the solidity of life – I enjoyed this… With Best Wishes Scott

  7. I got the sense that those waiting is the reason for the work being done.

  8. Sounds pretty back actually — I like the echo of plenty of “would!

  9. Loved ones waiting all cozy and warm will have food and steaming drink ready, no doubt. Great write!!

  10. Kathe W.

    I’d rather help work than wait. Excellent poem and I really like the form .

  11. I liked how more power grew with the piece at the end

  12. And in the land of snow and seasonal change, there will always be work to be done. Interesting format, I like how it builds on the theme.

  13. Sue

    Ah, but you are the responsible one. Reminds me of my husband’s complaints about his brother growing up. Somehow he never seemed to be the one to shovel the snow off their sidewalk.


    PS. Nice shape on that poem!

  14. Tess Kincaid

    Nice…and the shape works so well!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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