Sunlight With No Heat

The morning sun banishes
frost from the lawn,
decorating the grass with bands
of fallen stars.
More than light is required
to worry the ice covering
shadowed puddles,
or to loosen the coats
of those who walk
past my window.
Steam from the soup
fogs my glasses
long before I feel the warmth.



Filed under Poetry

6 responses to “Sunlight With No Heat

  1. Shiver what a great piece Mark!

  2. I forget how much I love your writing Mark–so well done!

  3. You made me feel the outer cold,and the steam from the soup. Well done.

  4. def cold out…a cup of soup is just the thing…i like the imagery of the fallen stars on the lawn…the recognition that it takes more than light, but even then you can not feel it…

  5. Enjoyed the imagery of the sun banishing the frost from lawns & decorating the grass with bands of fallen stars. Lovely description in this poem. And the mention of steaming soup is so apt for this winter weather, Mark.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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