Behind Her

It struck me then how she
never spared time for regret,
choosing to caress
her past with the same
tenderness as the last touch
of a lover’s face, able to pair
goodbye with a smile.

It was naive to expect
this time might be different
that I would be the first
to make her glance back.

I stand motionless,
waiting for a look to save me.
She walks into the scarlet sky,
leaving bits of me behind
her on the sand.


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25 responses to “Behind Her

  1. You captured where I am right now. Love it.

  2. ,and the narrator stands mesmerized. The reader knows he will save himself. Against all odds, time goes on…

  3. oh, this is beautiful, Mark… ❤

  4. catch my breath away beautiful!

  5. oh the pain of leaving.. and why should it be fifferenth this time?

  6. Wow, loved this. No looking back.

  7. Enjoyed your poem. Really like “able to pair goodbye with a smile.”

  8. Leaving bits of me behind – this line broke my heart.

  9. I feel the sadness here, in being left behind. But I must tell you, that first stanza thrills as a guide for living in the now, fully present and appreciative.

  10. it must be nice, you know…to not have those attachements that pull us back….there is pain with them but they also grant us connection…

  11. Wow! A touching piece! Right there in the sand….

  12. … hope there is a reunion

  13. What a fascinating characterization here. I have known people who could do this — leave people and relationships behind as if they were nothing at all.

  14. Such sadness in the lines..hard to be left behind in the sands of time.

  15. “able to pair goodbye with a smile”……..remarkable…..powerful closing lines, as she “walks into a scarlet sky”. Great write!

  16. How I too wished that she would turn to acknowledge the affection but she had been taught well and glanced not back. Youthful emotions how vivid they were! You captured the feeling so well.

  17. poetrypea

    I wish I were her. Great read thank you.

  18. Seems some people just have a sense of when someone is watching and make it a point of not acknowledging the watcher. I really hate that . . .

  19. wow..that ‘she’ is hard…..

  20. Beautiful and poignant, Mark. I have left people behind in the sand at times.


  21. “She walks into the scarlet sky,
    leaving bits of me behind
    her on the sand.”

    I love the ending. Beautiful poem, overall. 🙂

  22. Sad words, beautifully written.
    Anna :o]

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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