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Waiting in Vain

he waits by her door until the stems wilt,
the petals fall,
then he waits
a bit


A reverse Tetractys inspired from a Banksy street paining
that is at first glance beautifully sad, and at second look
perversely amusing. Check it out.


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She Dances Alone

The lights are kept low,
the mirrors are shrouded
the only music is that which
plays in her head.

She wears the same dress,
meticulously adjusted
and fitted to her frame,
not so much different

than the years before.
The door is locked
and the shades pulled
down, no audience

is allowed. Now, she
only dances when
she believes no
one is watching.


for the image prompt at The Mag


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The Veteran

In his visions there is grace —
perfect lines navigate the drill field,
through courage alone they
gain the beach, an instant of glory
eternally merged with souls
he will forever miss — there
is dignity in his years
and pride in his pose.

Already humming the songs
he knows will be played today,
somewhat saddened by how little
they now mean to so many,
he buckles on the sword he wears
one day a year. There is a purpose
to his stride as he makes his way
to the ceremony, but he is not
here to be recognized.

No, for him, this is a day to honor
the memories of fallen comrades.
As usual, he will downplay
the value of his own contributions.

Monday is Veteran’s Day. We will be remiss if we do no thank at least one (every one you meet would be appropriate) for their service. Let us not be guilty of devaluing their contributions by our apathy. Taken from the Sunday Whirl words.


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Sometime in the last few days —
amidst the frenetic pace
of frantic schedules, the warring
between needs and desires,
the distractions of inane
politicians and their
insane machinations —
the crape myrtle
lost its leaves,
and the birds abandoned
us for warmer climes.


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yesterday, today, tomorrow

yesterday is here today
yesterday is today
yesterday is already a dream
yesterday is not ours to recover
yesterday is a cancelled check
yesterday is gone forever
yesterday is named
yesterday is no more ours
yesterday is not me
yesterday is but today’s memory

today is the day
today is a special day
today is all we have
today is a gift
today is for children
today is for working
today is just impossible
today is where you find out more about today than you really want to know
today is similar and deteriorating rapidly
today is the very first day of the rest of my life

tomorrow is better
tomorrow is another day
tomorrow is not yesterday
tomorrow is too late
tomorrow is a highway
tomorrow is not yours
tomorrow is forever
tomorrow is just another day??
tomorrow is too late i need to get out of here
tomorrow is a matter of choice

yesterday is gone tomorrow isn’t written make today your song


playing at dVerse today where Samuel asks
us for a list poem using googlisms. Great fun.
Come try your hand.


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Time Spent in an Exam Room

hides hope,
fears, futures.
Dreadful waiting
while fall plays outside the doctor’s window.


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There is a rhythm in the whisperings
of the infinite — a precise staccato
which emits from the void of creation
and fades into the shrouded distance
of thoughts and dreams — an invisible
beat like the hit of fists resonating
against the gates of hell, a note
of defiance to overcome any impulse
to flee or kneel.


for the Sunday Whirl


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