Ripples and Reflections

It is fitting my time should end
in this place and this season,
with the waters calm
and the colors fading.

Spare me the musty embrace
of earth’s last grasp,
or the ashy kiss of a final fire.
Instead, place me in a boat
and push me from the shore
beneath an afternoon sun,
so that I may float among
the reflected leaves
until nighttime falls.

May the ripples of my passing
bring more joy than those
of my life.


for the image prompt at The Mag


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12 responses to “Ripples and Reflections

  1. I hope this is not about how you are currently feeling. The words are beautifu, but the message is one of despair.

  2. To drift away – what imagery Mark. This has a deathly pall to it that is darkly beautiful. Hope all is well with you!

  3. Helen

    Mark, your poem is incredibly moving … I imagine it being read at the funeral of a loved one.

  4. Absolutely lovely…I want to go just this way…

  5. wow on those last two lines…the ripples of death being greater than life..
    when i go i want a viking funeral…burn me in my boat…

  6. Mark, I get a very sad yet beautiful feeling reading your poem. It brings images of Viking’s funeral ritual. I also enjoyed the painting of words using autumn colors.

  7. This is lovely. Would that we could all drift through our ending in such a peaceful and beautiful manner. Well penned, Mark. My favorite Magpie by far.

  8. Brendan

    A fine song for transformation.

  9. The end was very dark and changed the tone completely and I wondered why you wanted to do that.

  10. I loved the ending, Mark. We took this in such different directions!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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