They found them — brittle
and brown,
stained by age — pressed
into the pages of books
she would never allow
to be sold;
letters from a lover
none of them had
ever known.


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23 responses to “Letters

  1. Glenn Buttkus

    nice to revisit your blog, your words/poetics; loved this piece, its brevity still containing a novella, reams of unsaid, undiscovered truths that only we readers can supply; you rocked the prompt, Mark; thanks for sharing.

  2. Some letters are too special to throw out. We tuck them away to pull out on a rainy day and say, “Yes, we were young once, we had first loves, we remember!” I liked this one a lot, Mark. Good capture of the prompt.

  3. The last two lines explode in poignancy.

  4. I love reading this. The poem would be wonderful aloud, too.

  5. Helen Dehner

    I enjoyed your poem … and I am reminded of more than several letters family and loved ones will discover ……….

  6. thank goodness some of our relatives did not toss old letters- they become treasured relics of memories

  7. Sue

    I’m sure it happens more often than we would think. And it’s such a romantic notion, too.


  8. We found secrets when we were cleaning out my parents home after their deaths…a beautiful piece

  9. I love finding a bit of lost treasure tucked in an old book…

  10. and what a treasure to find… you won’t find too many love letter between pages now-a-days

  11. Oh I like that, a secret romance!

  12. I love to find letters in second hand books. Even if they are nothing but recipes jotted down quickly in old fashioned penmanship

  13. OH so marvelous…simple, yet so surprising! a treasure written about a treasure…Brilliant!

  14. very sweet – adore “brittle and brown” as it also indicates she is old. I found out through a small journal of my grandmothers that she had been engaged prior to marrying my grandfather! Found that out LONG after she had died – very interesting to me.

  15. its pretty cool, finding those letters in the after…allowing us to see a side of them we never really knew…i know when my grandfather passed finding some of his correspondence allowed me to know him a bit…

  16. This is just lovely..the topic a favorite of mine

  17. Oh what a story this paints in my head.. The blank my head fills with content… A whole novel Mark

  18. this was excellent – who could believe that youthful passion once embraced the old.

  19. There is such a story behind this wonderfully brief piece. I loved it.

  20. Perfectly framed mystery and image. Nicely done!

  21. That’s just so touching.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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