Waiting in Vain

he waits by her door until the stems wilt,
the petals fall,
then he waits
a bit


A reverse Tetractys inspired from a Banksy street paining
that is at first glance beautifully sad, and at second look
perversely amusing. Check it out.


Filed under Poetry

6 responses to “Waiting in Vain

  1. aprille

    Hurting, are you ? 🙂

  2. A painful verse.. the waiting for bliss that never comes

  3. i hope his waiting is not in vain…
    to what lengths will we go for love eh?

  4. Brief, but pointed write. The wait feels intensely long by the choice of descriptive words “…until the stems wilt and the petals fall.” Well done.

  5. Ah…this breaks the heart and hope. Well done.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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