The Veteran

In his visions there is grace —
perfect lines navigate the drill field,
through courage alone they
gain the beach, an instant of glory
eternally merged with souls
he will forever miss — there
is dignity in his years
and pride in his pose.

Already humming the songs
he knows will be played today,
somewhat saddened by how little
they now mean to so many,
he buckles on the sword he wears
one day a year. There is a purpose
to his stride as he makes his way
to the ceremony, but he is not
here to be recognized.

No, for him, this is a day to honor
the memories of fallen comrades.
As usual, he will downplay
the value of his own contributions.

Monday is Veteran’s Day. We will be remiss if we do no thank at least one (every one you meet would be appropriate) for their service. Let us not be guilty of devaluing their contributions by our apathy. Taken from the Sunday Whirl words.



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4 responses to “The Veteran

  1. Well said. Today is Remembrance Sunday in Europe. Is this the same as your Veterans Day?

    • We have two holidays honoring members of our armed forces: Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. This poem is probably more suited for Memorial Day which is in remembrance of fallen soldiers, versus Veterans Day which is for all who have served in war.

  2. It is Remembrance Day here in Canada and in many other countries. We honour our veterans and allies as well. Thanks for this.

  3. A timely remembrance poem, Mark.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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