Sometime in the last few days —
amidst the frenetic pace
of frantic schedules, the warring
between needs and desires,
the distractions of inane
politicians and their
insane machinations —
the crape myrtle
lost its leaves,
and the birds abandoned
us for warmer climes.



Filed under Poetry

8 responses to “Distractions

  1. And so the year slips away. Delightful poem.

  2. love the closing lines……

  3. I like this poem…. so very real.

  4. reminded of things we take for granted.. and not really think about.. as the seasons change.

  5. and their passing should be far more important than most other things that occupy our time and minds. i agree with natasa…many things, even people we take for granted until they are gone.

  6. hypercryptical

    How true this is.
    Anna :o]

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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