yesterday, today, tomorrow

yesterday is here today
yesterday is today
yesterday is already a dream
yesterday is not ours to recover
yesterday is a cancelled check
yesterday is gone forever
yesterday is named
yesterday is no more ours
yesterday is not me
yesterday is but today’s memory

today is the day
today is a special day
today is all we have
today is a gift
today is for children
today is for working
today is just impossible
today is where you find out more about today than you really want to know
today is similar and deteriorating rapidly
today is the very first day of the rest of my life

tomorrow is better
tomorrow is another day
tomorrow is not yesterday
tomorrow is too late
tomorrow is a highway
tomorrow is not yours
tomorrow is forever
tomorrow is just another day??
tomorrow is too late i need to get out of here
tomorrow is a matter of choice

yesterday is gone tomorrow isn’t written make today your song


playing at dVerse today where Samuel asks
us for a list poem using googlisms. Great fun.
Come try your hand.



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18 responses to “yesterday, today, tomorrow

  1. LOVE your words, Mr. Clever! I am stealing them. I’ll be quiet about it.

  2. nice….yesterday is not ours to recover….great line that…ha hopefully i find out more about today, today…smiles…and tomorrow being too late so you have to get out of here…smiles.

  3. This is wonderful, Mark – so many truths. Good to read.

  4. Good one, Mark–really the secret, I believe, to living serenely…if only I could remember it TODAY.

  5. Well you were much more successful at this prompt than I was. I tried 20 different phrases and got nothing of any use. Congratulations on a great poem. >KB

  6. I really liked your approach to this one, Mark…..dealing with yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I especially like the ending….”tomorrow is a matter of choice.”

  7. I enjoyed your thought-provoking poem, Mark! “today is the very first day of the rest of my life” – I like this one!

  8. Love your play on yesterday, today and tomorrow. Very clever.

  9. Very nice! Well done with weaving these lines together. 🙂

  10. I really like what you created here so many great lines..yesterday, today, tomorrow

  11. Applause. What an awesome idea!!!! “yesterday is not ours to recover” splendid.

  12. yesterday – today – tomorrow – i like the idea…and i love to look at tomorrow as an highway… nice..

  13. I should give you my diary so you can keep track of my agenda!

  14. This is just excellent. what a brilliant choice and how well it worked out.

  15. Therin Knite

    It’s great how you play with the perceptions of time here. Nice piece. 🙂

  16. How marvellous! Very well done 🙂

  17. Samuel Peralta / Semaphore

    Excellent, you’re the first one I’ve come across to use a different seed word to come up with three stanzas, conforming to more of the framework than anyone else… and to come up with a progression that mean something more than the disparate pieces of the Googlism outputs, that’s just well done.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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