Poet Lost, Found Poetry

We learned today at dVerse of the loss of a fellow Poet, David King. Brian Miller asks us for a poem celebrating friendship, or David. I did not have the pleasure of being conversant with David, but I was blessed with his comments on my work on many occasions. The below tribute is a “found” poem that is taken entirely from those comments. Even in his commenting his words were often poetic.


Well, you seem to have mastered the language,
the content suits the form,
the writing honest and
straight forward,

Yes, above all sad, but redeemed
by the writing,
civilized, well constructed,
obviously deeply felt
and perfectly delivered,
it should be shouted loud
from every roof top,
for I sense it will not leave me.

The point is excellently made
that needs making far more often —
I shall envy you if you do go,
for now, your poem is enough,
slightly puzzling, totally fascinating,
a tad disturbing –-
and one I shall come back to,
a spectacular achievement,
a universal dream reborn —
this captures the spirit … exactly.

Tremendous last line to a poem worthy of it.





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12 responses to “Poet Lost, Found Poetry

  1. hoping that universal dream is reborn far too often….smiles..what a cool concept to build the poem of his own words…and ones he gave so freely as well….nicely penned mark…

  2. oh that brought tears to my eyes again.. i thought about browsing through his comments on my poems as well but then decided it would be just too tough for me..

  3. A wonderful Tribute ~ he certainly touched many lives. I enjoyed reading his comments in this form, I too did not converse with me, only read some of his work.

  4. Mark, you’ve hit the nail on the head here: what better tribute could there be but his own words.

  5. How wonderful that you have used David King’s own words to write this tribute Mark

  6. Very nice tribute to Dave! Your ‘found poem’ was perfect. His words, whether in poetry or in comments, were indeed expressive of what a FINE man he was!

  7. aprille

    What a brilliant idea!
    And such a tribute.
    We remember people in the words they spoke.

  8. What a great idea, Mark. You’ve captured in this the thoughtfulness he put into commenting.

  9. Oh you have captured him perfectly.. what a brilliant idea.

  10. What a great idea – a tribute you found in words he gave you. What on earth could be better. I respected and admired him very much. Well said, sir!

  11. Do you know what? this is one of the best tributes to Dave ever – his own WONDERFUL words. What a perfect idea. I love this!

  12. ds

    I love the way you used his words as his tribute. I cherished every one. Thank you.

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