Pumpkin in a Patch

It is time, I can feel it,
a perfect day,
the air cool and crisp,
leaves the color
of my skin…it will be today.
I hear them talk about
amazing things — breads
and pies and lattes,
parties and decorations —
and I hear the joy
in their voices,
the anticipation.
It will be today, I am ready.
It is a marvelous thing
to be made for a particular
purpose and to be able
to joyfully and marvelously
fulfill that purpose.
The children are excited,
parents are smiling;
it will be today.

Pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay.

Pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








Brian at dVerse asks for a poem about an ‘issue’ from 
a pumpkin’s point of view. I feel most issues are 
highly sensationalized and unnecessary. The pumpkin,
like so many natural things, was designed for a purpose.
Who are we to deny that purpose?



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13 responses to “Pumpkin in a Patch

  1. What an enchanting poem! I love the happy purpose of the pumpkin patch. Very nice Mark.

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  3. nice…i like the joy in anticipation of being picked…and i hope they are picked…..and not left alone…

  4. ahhh nice… love how you give them a voice and the joy of doing what they dreamed to do – very cool..

  5. Hear hear! I really enjoyed this pumpkin’s-eye-view

  6. obsurvative

    I love it

  7. ds

    Ah, a field of happy pumpkins! Thank you.

  8. A great take on the prompt and maybe, that pumpkin wants to put a smile
    on a child’s face for just that day making it all worthwhile..something to ponder..

  9. To grow, to be chosen and lauded, to live for one moment of awesome joy and glory. There is worse that one could accomplish. Nice view from “behind the smile.”

  10. I like this poem sharing purpose! 😀

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