It Is Usually October

It is usually October
when I decide
to stop
after a September vacation
when I notice plans
being made
for what I will have
when it is only 11 a.m.
It is usually October,
but there rum
in the pantry
and some Octoberfest in the fridge…
this year it is beginning
to look like
it will be November
when I will stop
drinking again.


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13 responses to “It Is Usually October

  1. Alcohol does nothing for me, so it’s no hardship not to drink, I bet this one’s fiction!

  2. Well, here the darkness is coming with the autumn. The time of year that I like. Vegetables, apple, mushroom have to be picked and so on, is it so nice to do something with these healthy things.

    The parties is not here for me, only the things that you can eat 🙂

    Have a nice time 🙂

  3. the possibilities of this stare back at me from the Jack Daniels bottle… 🙂

  4. I hope this is not a real struggle in your life. If it is, I wish you well with conquering it.

  5. this time of year is def a struggle for many as they confront the ghosts….heavy with reality mark

  6. I like this. I don’t normally identify with people who drink, since I don’t and my parents never did. But this I could relate to. ‘Some Octoberfest in the fridge….’ Very nice.

  7. Someone close to me struggles with easing off the alcohol. This one definitely spoke to me.

  8. This touched a nerve. Isn’t there always a tomorrow until it’s none…

  9. Oh… the horrors… A powerful write.

  10. This is real and resonates. Well said. Love the wryness…….and then comes Christmas cheer, right?

  11. The gradual closing-in of fall is a bit claustrophobic – and yes, drink becomes mighty important to some. I like the personal voice here, the almost resignation.

  12. hypercryptical

    This resonates…memories of decades ago…
    Anna :o]

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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