Pass the Scissors, Please

There was a reason, once,
for letting it grow — a statement
about nature and non-
conformity — to Samson-like
lengths. But, after a time — as with
the ancient warrior — it
became and increasingly heavy
burden and tangled mess.
Eventually, the solution
became clear.
The effort of sweeping
the fallen locks from the floor
was therapeutic, and the weight
much less than expected.



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5 responses to “Pass the Scissors, Please

  1. Nice. I like that allusion to Sampson. The things we do to make a statement but it is all part of growing up and maturing.

  2. I don’t know. I’m 61 and still have my long hair in a ponytail. But to each his own. Good read nonethless.>KN

  3. Of course, annotating60 hasn’t seen the photograph!
    I liked the Samson allusion — very nice. This line ‘and the weight
    much less than expected.’ a great final.

  4. Truth or fiction? – whatever, it’s fun.
    PS a superfluous d in line 7.

  5. I knew immediately which picture your poem was about even though you didn’t post it, or refer to it 🙂 – a true sign of a gifted writer

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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