Not the Light

It is not the light
so much as the heat
which draws her.
A need to be consumed,
charred and scarred
by a heat too intense
to control.
After a time,
the pain becomes
a comfort,
a desire,
and each scar a fading memory,
scattered embers
of forgotten fires.

for the awesome image at The Mag


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16 responses to “Not the Light

  1. Yes, the heat draws…we linger in it until we are burned. Love your take on the image

  2. and the pain becomes a comfort

    A far sighted piece of writing you have here, well done.

  3. Delightfully compelling; beautifully written…

  4. The heat draws us in until it consumes..left with memories or scars of what was..

  5. May she heal much sooner than later.

  6. you should think she learns her lessons… it’s a slow learning though..i know…

  7. its not so much the light but the heat that will burn her as well…

    we all like to play the fire though….some consumed….

  8. I can see that, yes (went to have another look at the image) – wonderfully unique (and poetic) interpretation

  9. Your take on images on poetry is a delight and so refreshing. 🙂

  10. Love this. Really. Lots.

  11. A great visual that draws us like moths to a flame. Your words blaze unencumbered, Mark!

  12. eshan sahai

    ineffable to write the least..where can i find the photo which inspired you to write these ineffably beautiful words?
    regards: eshan colvinian…

  13. beautiful ..all too often it is the fire that attracts us, even knowing full well it will scar us..stunning visuals

  14. I have experienced pain as love in relationships before..for me was trap that I could not easily escape…perhaps even stronger love than love itself..Love is such a game..and so easy to forget and stay…

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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