At What Price Peace

so simple an idea,
so difficult to achieve.
Well, maybe it is not so simple
a thing, for reality is full
of complications and contradictions.

The first dictionary definition
is the normal, non-warring
condition of a nation, group of nations,
or the world. Normal.
It is of interest how diverse
the interpretations of definitions can be.

A nation, perhaps, may be in a state of peace
in relation to other nations, at least from
a militaristic point of view,
but a government is not a thing of peace,
it is a being of rulers and subjects.
To be at peace, you must be one or the other.

Religion as a refuge of peace is, to be polite,
a misnomer. Islam calls itself the Religion
of Peace, yet every active war has an Islamic side
and every terror act of the last twenty years
has been committed by a follower of Islam.
Christianity teaches the tenets of peace, love
and acceptance, but so many atrocities
have been committed, and so many wars fought,
in its name thoughout history that the world
cannot forget.

The slave is said to know peace. There is no conflict
in his life, as long as he accepts his station, obeys
commands and performs as his master expects.
Man, as a species, seems perfectly willing to accept
this arrangement; provide for his needs with no
expectation other than subservience and he will
gladly attach his own shackles. Freedom, however,
requires sacrifice of another kind. Which price
are you willing to pay?
“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased
at the price of chains and slavery?” Patrick Henry


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7 responses to “At What Price Peace

  1. interesting thoughts here… peace is certainly not the absence of war and it can have many faces me thinks.. even in difficult circumstances we can still have that inner peace.. the best example for me is marie durand or corrie ten boom during her time in a concentration camp.. would be interesting to define peace…have to look what the lexicon says probably

  2. def interesting in how we define peace…i think religeon is peace for many, but also is twisted into a tool for war…and is it a personal peace or a public all encompassing peace….and then what are we willing to give up to get that peace….peace i dont think is as much a location as it is at times a heart attitude…

  3. This is a deep topic. It never fails to amaze me that religions talk of peace but operate in divisiveness and perceived difference. Thought-provoking write, kiddo.

  4. This is profound and deep… and I definitely agree on some of the things.. but the notion that only a slave can have peace is kind of depressing… lot of truth in it though…

  5. You have certainly given me food for thought here, Mark. The subject of peace is a complex one….and the price is definitely high.

  6. Peace is costly, but worthy. Such a difficult thing to achieve en mass or individually. But we must start somewhere, might as well start with ourselves.

  7. There is a suggestion that a master is reasonable person in this poem. Well that’s not true for starters. There is no peace in slavery.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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