Scars and White Dresses

She has escaped her scarlet shackles,
discovered the joy of light
and the right to wear
white dresses.
Most times
she feels as though she floats,
following newfound freedom
to the edge of dreams.
But the scars do not fade
from her wrists,
and what the mirror
shows is never a clear reflection
of who she is,
or is to become.


for the image prompt
from The Mag
Shared at Poets United

elena kalis 1

photo by Elena Kalis


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18 responses to “Scars and White Dresses

  1. Intelligent; quite impressive…

  2. nice mark..i am glad she found freedom, the scars…we all have them, at least in some regards….and the mirror, it lies anyway…smiles…a rather haunting piece…

    dropping in from PU

  3. Joy of light is hard to beat…

  4. “and what the mirror
    shows is never a clear reflection
    of who she is,
    or is to become.”

  5. ah, the right to wear white dresses… that alone tells me much – the clarity of reflection will come if she stays the course

  6. Very nicely done; great take on the photo prompt.

  7. Tess Kincaid

    Intelligent, lovely take…

  8. A wonderfull write, the white dresses part and the mirror at the end, such powerfull messages.

  9. this is wonderful writing. i love everything about it. to the point of perhaps…taking it down and putting it somewhere permanent in my own life.

  10. Discovering the joy of light ~ Lovely interpretation of the picture ~

  11. nicely done Mark…..thanks for sharing

  12. Ahhh, life. It is continuous living, the growing spiritually, then healing
    You did the picture justice, Mark!
    PEACE and LIGHT!

  13. Helen Dehner

    The right to wear white dresses … brilliant.

  14. Scars and healing …the right to wear white dresses…as the light shines…

  15. hypercryptical

    Oh I do like this. How true it is that we never quite see the real self…
    Anna :o]

  16. May her scars fade as she awakens from her nightmare.

  17. Nicely penned. A darker connotation to this one. Yet what affects our past should never reflect on who we come to be, and the thoughts of others are just that; only we ourselves can truly judge that reflection that we see.

  18. Ada Trellis

    A very good read. Thank you

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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