I Remember

I remember
before the world
became shades of grey.

I remember
she wore yellow
when days were warm,
the sun worshiping her glow.

Sometimes I remember
seeing her brilliant smile
behind the pure white veil
in the moment before we wed.

I remember every time
she wore red high heels,
beautiful, with no need for adornment,
seeking attention which was already rightfully hers.

I remember the last time
I was able to look into
the crystal depths of those blue eyes,
glistening, as she searched for reasons to stay.

Sometimes I remember before
the world became
shades of



Notes: Yes, the theme and content are a bit trite. The prompt from Margo was ‘color’ (ok, so there was a lot more to it than that) and I decided to play with structure as well. To my knowledge this is not a ‘form’, just a guide I set for myself for this endeavor.


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6 responses to “I Remember

  1. That’s the kind of thing I play with most: a clear structure, just not a classic form. I’m thinking there are some adjectives that can disappear. Mmmm?

    • Yes. Yes there are. They work very nice as filler for the word count I was working on, but I kinda felt bad putting them in there. 🙂 They would surely go away in a rewrite.

      • Ah well, if you had a secret word count going. I thought, on seeing the poem, that it might be to a word count. If you rewrite, as much as you can, stick to the word count. I find that forces me to think more metaphorically.

  2. the window closes
    to the hint of her white veil
    fluttering in the wind

  3. These colors are all poetic symbols for me; so if they’re trite it may be because they’re universal. I like that the rainbow dissolves upon closer scrutiny back to the initial world in seen in shades of grey. Distinctly your own voice. Well done.

  4. Such sad words but well written. I like everything about this poem.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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