She sees the glances,
hears the comments
and muttered names.

It is not who she is.

She does what is necessary
for survival — takes, scavenges
or … other things.

It is not who she is.

She runs with this band
of orphans, the safety
found in numbers.

It is who she has become.



for the Trifecta writing challenge 
to use the 3rd definition of ‘band’

Shared at dVerse.


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15 responses to “Identity

  1. Cobbie's World

    Identity is a funny thing; is it who we know ourselves to be, is it who other perceive us to be or is it some constantly fluid state of reshaping ourselves in response to our needs and our environments? You have touched nicely upon this in your poem, Mark. Thank you very much for linking up this week.

  2. One does what one must do to survive.

  3. It’s called survival! Heartfelt poem!!!

  4. In very few words, you’ve made it possible to completely understand what this character is going through. Well done.

  5. Kir Piccini

    I am more than the individual things you see, I am more the sum of them, the combination of all the things you see.

    I love the subtle and generous way you offer that to us with your words. People are very rarely just what one set of eyes sees.

    Thank you for linking this week.

  6. So Dickensian; so contemporary. Most folks would think India when they read this, but no, it’s right here in the USA.

    When will we learn to take care of ALL our children? THis poem really brought it home for me Mark, without being preachy at all. Brill. Amy
    PS Thx for commenting at Sharp Li’l.

  7. she does what she has to…but does not have to let it define her…
    sometimes life is just like that…

  8. Identity in this age is such a delicate discovery. You have painted a wonderful picture of that discovery

  9. Sometimes the most important thing is just to survive by whatever means possible. The important thing is to never sell your soul, to remember who you are on the inside. Good write, Mark.

  10. the dad of a friend works with street kids in rumania…tough life… but yes, she is who she is not what she does

  11. succinct Mark and the point well made..the ‘cortex’ is not the real us.

  12. Oh, I really like where you took this challenge. We do what we must to survive. Well written.

  13. Labels and our true identity are all to often far removed.

  14. Nicely done! Been there and this reads so true.

  15. Unique amongst the multitudes. Aren’t we all . . . no matter what they say or see?
    Thoughtfully composed. Well done.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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