There is still a thrill
in watching the storms form
on summer afternoons,
sitting in the sun while
the clouds build
on the horizon,
clear moments before.
A breeze begins,
precursor to a stronger
gale, lightening flashes
across and through the
darkening scene as the skies
transform from blue
to a greenish hue. The echoes
of thunder sync
with the electrical outbursts,
and in a blink
the power of water
is unleashed.

The fights are almost
worth it, to be able
to witness the storms
in her eyes.


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16 responses to “Storms

  1. there is definitely an excitement that builds, watching the storm – i was thinking electrical storms of course – & then the final stanza… brilliant!

  2. You’re really wading deep in metaphors with this one! Great poem.

  3. Clever, clever. I love the playing with sound throughout and I like that the first stanza can be metaphorical, but not necessarily, while the second is unequivocally a fight.

  4. Wow that last stanza was awesome, I really enjoyed reading this 🙂

  5. ah multi edged here…we have had some wicked storms here the last little bit…flash flooding and such…but to see it in her eyes, the passion…yeah that might be worth the storms as well…smiles.

  6. witnessing the storm in her eyes – smiles… a clearing storm can work wonders in a relationship… always better than hours of silence me thinks..

  7. Ah… i really thought you were talking about a weather storm… my family loved watching them roll in… such energy… loved the parallel you’ve drawn

  8. Laurie Kolp

    Love the surprise ending… it led me back to the beginning.

  9. Wonderful twist at the end of this, Mark. Nicely written. You really captured the parallel between nature and life.

  10. Gorgeous writing.

    With a super awesome last stanza.

  11. Thankfully, not your ordinary love poem– crisp and creative, good work. ~peace, Jason

  12. Mark – this is BRILLIANT! The storm chaser & weather geek in me was totally into it and then BANG it was a love poem. Ah…you rock my friend.

  13. ONE

  14. Excellent poetry on the rush of watching a storm brew. I grew up on a lake and I miss watching those storms coming in off the lake. Great write!

  15. well maintained metaphor, great finish!

  16. What a surprise in the final stanza. You painted a picture of the weather we’re having at the moment – heatwave and storm turn and turn about.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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