Shall We Have Coffee First?

It happened once,
several times,
a Jew, a Muslim and a Christian
came together over
a beverage — no, this is not the beginning
of a joke looking for a punchline, and no,
the choice of beverage is not important,
let’s say it was coffee — as friends…

Conversation outlasts the heat
from the cups, smiles and companionship
overcome any differences — which never
come up.

A couple of friends join each: the talk
remains amiable, but there are polite debates,
both religious and philosophical.

The crowd grows, and becomes segregated,
each choosing to associate with their own,
glances are exchanged, disbelief at the
other’s ignorance is mumbled just loud
enough to be overheard.

When the numbers swell the groups
separate into different establishments,
refusing to drink what the others
are drinking, refusing to allow any
of the ‘others’ into their place.

Lines are drawn when the animosity
and populations are of sufficient size,
rocks and insults frequently being
hurled across.

At some point one, or another depending
on the century, decides they have
endured enough of rocks, or insults.

Puzzling, is it not, how a cup
of coffee can lead to war.


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13 responses to “Shall We Have Coffee First?

  1. aprille

    Clever, showing how increase in number makes one lose sight of what united and see only what divides,

  2. When the size is small and you can see the face, you try to understand each other ~ Animosity abounds when its faceless in a crowd, so you throw am insult or a rock,not caring where it lands and hit the most ~

  3. the increase in number leads to changes in interpretation as well…its a lot easier for a smaller group to come to an understanding and coexist…the religeous world is an interesting nut to crack….there is fear of each other as acceptance means they are not right…

    always good to see you @ dverse sir…hope the world is slowing down a bit for you….

  4. This was masterful. Really, even when I could see ther end coming you had me drawn in to keep reading. The matter of fact tone worked well.>KB

  5. Intriguing thoughts. I should like to hold the first two stanzas in my head and ponder over how to make the rest evaporate. Because although true, I wish it didn’t have to be like that. Safety in numbers is not always a good motto.

  6. Great insight in this. How humans need to find their group and organize themselves in different groups.. widening the borders. A great piece…

  7. it’s sad that this happens – i wish we could focus more on what unites us than on what divides us

  8. wow, a true masterpiece. this poem keeps bullding and building – the last lines throw a punch. brilliant work.

  9. I couldn’t have said it better that the previous 8 people!

  10. You’ve really captured the process of segregation, which also happens in smaller secular organizations from time to time.

  11. Puzzling and sad. Very well written and compelling. I promise to remain peaceable should we ever share a cup.

  12. hypercryptical

    Clever write and so much truth there. How easy it is for us to become tribal…
    Anna :o]

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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