late for dinners
late for dates
late for dances
late for races

they know I am busy

later there will be time to fish
later I will talk life with my daughter
later I will call my parents
later I will buy her flowers

she understands I am busy

regrets fill unused bedrooms
regrets fill tombstone shadows
regrets linger in the wake of her leaving
regrets do not expire, or wait for later

loneliness often awaits the busy


for the dVerse Pub anaphora prompt
yeah, way too much going on right now…



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12 responses to “Busy

  1. ugh…would be very hard man…those would be the hardest regrets…when later never came…i couldnt do it…got out of corporate life and was so relieved not to have to make those decisions any more…i think the one that broke me was the canceling of my non travel around my sons birth…luckily he did not come early…but…and that is not a but i wanted to live with…really nice use of anaphora…

  2. Yikes! Poignant piece. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Strong message in this one and it’s almost as though the repetition hammers the point in. Hope things slow down for you, Mark.

  4. Family=living with a group of blood related strangers..part of the modern day affliction in a society which makes comfortable slaves of us but still slaves nevertheless!
    Enjoyed this one very much.

  5. These days are indeed busy

  6. As always Mark, a thought-provoking piece … good use of this form … I too hope things slow down for you (if this is in any way autobiographical…I know we too often assume poets are writing from life when they aren’t necessarily) In any case, it’s a wonderful poem.


  7. Brilliant poem, Mark, with some starkly true bits of wisdom.

  8. Yes, too busy. Life gets bored and goes looking for others to play with.

  9. Oh this hit home … the busy works so well with repetition and so does the dread at the end… afterwards it’s always too late.

  10. Fine write. So very true.

  11. Oh, yes, there is no there there. The form really lends itself well to this message. very well done.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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