Wasted Breath

I have reached a point where
I no longer wish to
the garbage of life
to gain traction.
I do not feel obligated
to please
or bow to your idea
of how the world
should be.
I have passed the point
where it is imperative
to wade through the
to reach a moment
of contentment
or satisfaction.
The effort is never
worth the reward,
and you never listen


for Three Word Wednesday
anyone have a happy pill?
I seem to be fresh out.

Shared  at the dVerse pub



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11 responses to “Wasted Breath

  1. Laurie Kolp

    Love the tone of this.

  2. Isn’t it nice when you can reach that point?Sometimes you wish you’d gotten there sooner.

  3. … and WHY does it take SO long to reach this point? Nicely written, short and sweet works far better than a longer poem would.

  4. It takes far too long to reach the light…and I agree no more wading through bullshit…nothing is worth it. I like reading verse that reflects what I think, a very rare occurrence and an enjoyable read…Thank you!

  5. An interesting edge to it. Flows really nicely.

  6. well there you have it…
    nice straight talk sir…

  7. hisfirefly

    Yes! Yes indeed. Just be real, for its own sake!

  8. The worm turned:) Nice write.

  9. Unfortunately there is entirely too much bullshit in this world, Mark. It does no good to waste your time on something or someone that will never change. I am hoping for happier days for you. This will pass, it always does


  10. Amen! Preach it brother! Love this. Would love to memorize this just so I could tell it to everyone! 🙂

  11. Oh Mark! You read my mind. This is excellent. You grabbed me at the first sentence and had me cheering by the ending. Bravo!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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