one little lie

It often takes a complex ruse
to cover up the mess of one
little lie…

The covered tracks along
the forest edge of my mind
conceal answers to questions
the class never thought to ask…

Towards the end she was still
and pale, asking for him more
often than me. It seems many
a ruse had been seen through…

I put gas and match
to the files, leaving her
to him, him to her,
with no trace of me…


A late entry for the Sunday Whirl
shared at the dVerse Pub



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12 responses to “one little lie

  1. it takes a lot of energy to live up to our lies…and will wear you out to live your lies….and oft we find ourselves trapped in a lie…and perhaps its better to burn yourself out of that picture and go find some truth….interesting emotional turn in this one mark…

  2. Lies are so hard to live in.. and they most often break us down.. like a snowball a little lie will grow, ot like a little pebble in the shoe.. it will hurt and hurt. The end with burning the files I particularly liked in this piece

  3. This feels somewhat enigmatic to me–but I must say that I really enjoyed it–and it stayed with me

  4. I especially liked the last stanza, excellent “up in smoke” ending !!

  5. Oh, my. There is so much to read into this–a back-story waiting to be told. I had the dubious “opportunity” to date a pathological liar for a brief while. What a lot of work to maintain deceit…and of course, it all unraveled eventually.

  6. No such thing as a “simple” lie. Great ending stanza.

  7. Where do “white lies” end and true lies begin? Never a good foundation for anything, as who do we deceive but ourselves. Intriguing write, this. Enjoyed reading.

  8. There is so much of this unwritten that piques this reader’s curiosity. Simple… how I long for that to apply to the words and deeds we do, especially those involving the heart. Well done!

  9. we have a saying here that him who lies needs to have a good brain – just to remember all the things they invented and play on without falling from the board… i like that turn in the end.. it’s a great image to burn yourself out of the picture – and in this case maybe the right thing to do

  10. As many others have said, the ending is exquisite.

  11. I echo the others about the ending, Mark. No lies are small, they are merely lies. Excellent write.


  12. Oh dear. Terrible to live with lies. K.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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