When Profitable Endeavors are Undertaken With Non-Monetary Intentions

I have done stupider things
for smarter reasons — never
was know for having any sense —
but this might shatter anything
previously on the crazy list.

I slept in the cave last night,
awake with first light and the
chattering of the squirrels
and morning bird song.
it is amazing how such a pleasant
sound can so thoroughly shatter
a perfectly good dream.

The load of firewood was cut
yesterday, the split pieces
piled and ready for the fire.
it did not take long for the
kettle to get to full bubble,
add in the mashed corn,
husk and all — is it one scoop
of yeast or two? — and let
the magic begin.

The woods are thick around
here, and a long way from…
well, pretty much anything,
not much chance of an ATF
agent stumbling upon this still.
The danger was in the transportation,
they regularly set up roadblocks,
untaxed liquor is illegal.

I am not in it for the money though,
my motivation is more basic,
pure: you see, drinking moonshine
always makes her giggle, and to witness
such a thing is worth any risk.

for the Sunday Whirl Wordle 

shared at dVerse



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4 responses to “When Profitable Endeavors are Undertaken With Non-Monetary Intentions

  1. Nice! I had thought of split wood too but forgot it before I started writing. lol…memory. Lovely nature in your writing.

  2. drinking moonshine makes her giggle…ha…there def. are things that are worth taking a risk for…i doubt the pure motivation though..ha

  3. The waking reminded me of how wonderful it was to sleep outdoors. I’ve never tried moonshine, but I’m sure it would make me giggle!

  4. ha. def worth the risk to hear her giggle….
    though be careful you dont go blind…had a run in once with shine…woowee…smiles.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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