Over Active Corpus Callosum

There are days it almost
seems normal
when words appear
in stanza and verse
where numbers ruled
mere moments before.

Left brain for a living,
the right for a life.

The question becomes
a matter of when to exert
control — locking them
away where they can
do no harm or disturb
the cultivated order —
and when to release
them and the havoc
they may reap.

Left brain for a living,
the right for a life,
there are days it almost
seems normal.



today dVerse asks for a ‘twin’ poem,
and Adele Kenny asks us to ask questions.



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7 responses to “Over Active Corpus Callosum

  1. ha. cry havoc and release the dogs of war…smiles..they def can wreak having…do you think there is a place the right and left can meet…or have we ruled that out in our political definitions and in life…smiles.

  2. I know exactly how that feels! The creative side and the job side! Agh! The division well described. Thanks! k.

  3. Some times I get a clear sense of the switch in my head going from the big picture (life) to analytic detail (living) – nicely penned.

  4. Oh yes.. great described on that division for most of us.

  5. Mind you, severing the CC does help much.

  6. You may find, as I did, that when earning a living no longer dominates life, the creative side takes control and blossoms. There’s something to be said for growing old!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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