You drag pieces of me with you
each time you leave,
replace them with others
each time you return.
I am shaped by every
tear, every smile,
and I could resent you
no more than the shore
can resent the wave.


Filed under Poetry

12 responses to “Waves

  1. gorgeous. You old romantic you.

  2. I agree with Viv. I think I love you! 😉 At least your work.

  3. This is just great… I lreally like the romantic, but even more the human nature in the poem. Each time we interact with that special one (and others too) we change a little… brillian Mark

  4. mm nice allusion to the ocean and the way it wears away and brings back…there is a rhythm to it…and you can def find it in them as well…very nice piece mark…

  5. Wow i really, really loved this poem.
    The romanticism…and especially the imagery you created by using the waves. Powerful.

  6. Ditto what Viv says !! You’ve been on quite a roll lately, Outstanding !!

  7. Beautiful. Brief but perfectly done!

  8. Mark, a beautiful and concise poem. Not a wasted word.


  9. Beautifully simple and apt. k.

  10. Lovely write of pure unadulterated love. Lovely, lovely, lovely!
    Anna :o]

  11. Wow, right to the point, nice play on sound and rhyme as well, thanks for the image and the metaphor, the writer pulled me into the relationship and made me think. thank you.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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