The Wedding of the Dwarven King

The cavern kingdom of the Dwarves
prepares for a celebration, a blending
of the worlds of two life-long enemies,
a rapture of the peace each crave.

The bride appears, a beacon where
light struggles, her train trails far
behind her, a delicate creation
from the nimble fingers of her kind.

She is a product of the prairie,
a princess of the plains raised
to love sun and stars and the feel
of the wind as she races the grasses.

He waits, regal in bearing, overwhelmed
by her beauty, breath caught along
with words in his throat. Her presence
making him conscious of his coarseness.

She halts at the altar, contemplating duty,
intensely aware of the absence of wind
to swirl about her limbs. He takes her
hand as she begins her wedding song.

A hundred years shall pass before the echoes
of her voice fade from these vaulted halls.



for the Sunday Whirl
also shared  at Poets United


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15 responses to “The Wedding of the Dwarven King

  1. This reads like an epic, Mark. Well crafted. It makes me wish I were there to hear her sing.

  2. Goodness, Mark. This is gorgeous. I am especially loving the word bump of “cavern” and “crave.” And this line:
    “a beacon where
    light struggles”


  3. This could be part of a larger story, but standing alone
    it still arouses interest – an interesting beginning!

  4. I love the way cavern of the dwarves sounds and the picture it evokes – excellent pairing of words.

  5. ” She is a product of the prairie,
    a princess of the plains raised
    to love sun and stars and the feel
    of the wind as she races the grasses. ”

    Just beautiful writing, Mark…throughout!

  6. Oh, this transported me. I wanted to go to this place and see it all for myself.

  7. exellent..i am reading some of my old fantasy novels with my son right now…this would fit right in with them…very cool piece man…

  8. A wonderful story, beautifully told. A church altar is spelt with an a at the end not an e! The kind of slip I keep fnding in my own poems.

  9. Nice fairytale with catching phrases. I think the narrative voice at the end is wonderful.

  10. I so love the stanza “she is a product of the prairie”….and the hundred years before her voice will fade from the halls. Wonderful write!

  11. I love the closing line, it’s perfect.

  12. I heard her as a contralto with her voice echoing mournfully around that immense cave telling of her past and her fear for the future in those stifling confines.

  13. Love how train took your thoughts to a wedding! A lovely wedding!

  14. Well done. Anything I might add has already been said, so a big thumbs up to you.

  15. magicalmysticalteacher

    The true princess of the plains, in my opinion, is the sunflower. (I’m a child of the plains, having grown up in Kansas.) Despite my opinion, this is a lovely write!

    A Whirl with Stanley Kunitz

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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