She Sang Dreams

I was there the night
she sang dreams,

watching quietly
when eternity answered
her call,
shadows kneeled in
and all sound
deferred to her voice.

She smelled of smiles
sensed in a dark room.

When dawn echoed
through the trees
life became a veil
dancing with the wind,
a whisper I could
taste as she brushed
my face.

I was there the night
she sang dreams.



Tonight at dVerse Victoria ask for a poem
which plays with mixed up senses.



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16 responses to “She Sang Dreams

  1. Mark, I like how book-ended this poem. It has a dreamy quality to it. And “she smelled of smiles”, well, that is delicious.


  2. she smelled of smiles…ha…i like that…almost as if happiness could have a scent…dawns echo is another cool one…and sings dreams…reminds me of a sci fi book i read growing up about a dream singer…cool write mark…

  3. Just love the whisper you could taste, and singing dreams…very whimsical. 🙂

  4. This is beautiful, Mark. I especially like this:

    “shadows kneeled in

  5. i like she smelled of smiles

  6. This is such a beautiful use of synesthesia, Mark. I love the gentleness and softness of the effect.

  7. i was wondering if this was about death…think because of eternity answering…either way…moved me deeply..

  8. She smelled of smiles and sang dreams. Lovely. Smelling of smiles puts a smile on my face. Excellent write. -Mike

  9. very beautiful and gentle!

  10. singing the dreams and smelling the smiles … wonderful, dreamy and fillesn with happiness. Thank you 🙂

  11. singing dreams…beautiful!

  12. This is just really good. I can’t say exactly why, except, its pure and simple. Thanks.

  13. As others have commented, “smelling the smiles” is just wonderful.

  14. ..ah, this is quite sad… a song of departure from one who will never come back… sigh… now i was blown away by the amout of pain you put here… smiles… one of my fave take to this prompt…

  15. You did this so beautifully. Just exquisite.

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