we scry the ball,
seeking answers
in its depths;
future knowledge
to gain advantage
and guide our steps.
in the end, as a reward
for our efforts, we find
distorted reflections
of who we already are,
or are destined
to become.


More of Escher from Margo.


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11 responses to “Illusion

  1. Really enjoyed this Mark. It seems lately I’ve been noticing those distortions/illusions. Must be a function of aging!

  2. ‘Scry’… impressive. Great word, isn’t it? Clever response. For some reason, it hadn’t occurred to me that the reflection has to be of the holder. It had… but hadn’t, if that makes sense. Do you need a ‘to’ before ‘become’?

    • I do like ‘scry’, and yes, ‘to’ would be most appropriate. Thank you.

      Another quick ‘legs’ question. Doe the one right before this one (Cottonwood Snow) have any? Keep in mind I have pretty much decided to change the first two couplets to present tense (brought/brings, stood/stand, drove/drives), although doing so does kill the ‘o’.

  3. There’s a lot of like about this one, Mark. I particularly like the perspective of the narrator.

  4. I love that word and the concept of “scry-ing…”

    Well done, Mark!

  5. Very well done, from a perfect viewpoint.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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