Cottonwood Snow

The cottonwoods brought
snow to summer,

I stood in the flurries
as she drove off.

She has left before.
It takes a few days

for her to remember
why she always comes back.

When she returns she will
smile and remind me

holly is the greenest in winter
and cottonwoods snow in summer.


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17 responses to “Cottonwood Snow

  1. I’m glad she comes back.

  2. I simply love the last couplet… it gives me goosebumps. And that certainty that she will come back despite the pain. A great story told in ever so few words,

  3. Great title and poem, loved the ending !!

  4. Mark, I can see this….feel it…. I hope she returns and experiences that cottonwood sow!

  5. love the feel of this mark…hard to watch her drive off..and i i hope she keeps coming back….the cotton wood snow…beautiful image….

  6. Great emotional close ~ I specially like these ending lines:

    of holly being greenest in winter
    and cottonwood snow in summer.

  7. Incredible imagery and the voice so inviting and personal I love love love it! The way you come back again and again, too

  8. Clear and honest. I like the green in winter / snow in summer, and that she always comes back. Wonderful~

  9. this is beautiful in its simplicity and forgiveness. Thank you

  10. gorgeous words, Sir!!! 🙂

  11. Lovely visuals. A kind of melancholy sadness and feel to this. Beautifully penned, Mark.

  12. This is wonderful, but yes, I really would like an “are” between cottonwoods and snow in the last line. By contrast, do you need “the” before greenest?

    • hmm…yes, the ‘the’ has come and gone a couple of times, could go…the ‘are’ I am not sure about. I intended ‘snow’ as a verb, but I see your point now, especially when taking into account the previous line…

  13. This makes me feel a little sad, and I wish she didn’t have to leave at all.

  14. Grin — nuisance validation, huh? Is that what we are going to call our neediness! I tell you, we creatives are hopeless ;-). Yep. Legs. The change to present tense is a good call; otherwise it sounds like you have a tense problem. I love the idea. Clever, you are.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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