Last to Remember

He keeps the ancient vow,
a binding covenant with the sun.

He dances before the cave mouth —
broken symbols cradled in the crook
of one arm, a perpetual fist
on the other — circling the fire,
sending chants into space
with the rising smoke,
a constant drone of syllables
in a language unknown
to the listeners.

A tourist attraction shaman king,
descendant of proud warriors
and priests.



for the Sunday Whirl



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23 responses to “Last to Remember

  1. Excellent wordle, Mark. Several of us have pursued ritual, but you have taken it a stage further.

  2. I like the scene. If it interests you, then, yes, I see this going somewhere. Clever, clever use of ‘crook’.

  3. I love this; though the ending is sad, it is sadly true. My Earth Day poem addressed this tragic dilemma.

  4. A descendant of proud warriors and priests is now a tourist attraction.


  5. The fear of being alone makes us to seek answers where we can. Who of us is to say he is wrong, who that he he right? Best to respect the beliefs of others. A great message in your piece.

  6. Really nice. The last of the descendants stands as a tourist attraction. Wow.

  7. Strong write, Mark. The images speak to the ancient that pulls in all of us.

  8. Except for the last part, I will be spending most of next week where the ancient ones once dwelled. I loved the words for today and we were on a similar path with our word journey. I enjoyed where you went. Evocative imagery.

  9. This was brilliant and transported me to the Shaolin temple monastery in China!!

  10. Amazing Mark, loved it that like button is so underwhelming at moments like these, we need a love button

  11. strong poem capturing a religious/spiritual/shaman-esque moment. Nice job. Randy

  12. Windham, your remarkable way with word remains strong.

    “a constant drone of syllables
    in a language unknown
    to the listeners.”

    Spoken like a poet who has been there!

  13. Mark, you paint a vivid picture of this man. Well done.


  14. ugh…when such a rich history becomes a tourist attraction sideshow…how sad is that man…

  15. charleenm

    I can only repeat what others have said! The ending is so sad!

  16. Sad when a spiritual ritual becomes a tourist attraction. Ritual nicely captured.though.
    Dropping by from dVerse open link night.

  17. Beautiful piece…charming and spiritual…very nice:)

  18. Great write with powerful closing lines.

  19. Beautifully done – sad a mans history should become a tourist attraction…

    Anna :o]

  20. A worthy heritage…..and it has all come to this. He must cry inside, or else he appreciates what he has left of it, even though a shadow of what it was in the past.

  21. I LOVE this. I can see him! Fantastic!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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