I witness pure, unadulterated
each time I throw the frisbee
for my dog,
a single minded focus
on continuing an activity
to the point
of exhaustion.
She has found what we all
search for;
a thing we can do until
we are too tired
to stand,
and still not want
to stop,
then be excited
to do it again
as soon as we catch
our breath.



Filed under Poetry

6 responses to “Joy

  1. Good one, Mark. Finding joy in the little things is the key to true happiness.

  2. Love the simple joys in our lives ~

  3. haha what a feeling that is as well…finding joy in those small repetetitive movements and in giving joy to the pups as well…

  4. Oh to live the unhindered life of a well-loved pet!! Oh that we could all find such sheer joy!

  5. Wonderful! I suspect you have found this thing in poetry!

  6. They have a lot to teach us and fill our hearts with love.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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