In Which Aging is Somewhat Frowned Upon

I remember being in my
grandmother’s garden —
Mississippi, mid-July– with
a knife and a salt shaker,
eating cucumbers off the vine.

She also had a fig tree
I would climb, competing
with the birds for the freshest
fruit, sweaty and sticky
before lunch.

Now, I wash my hands too often,
July heat is oppressive,
cucumbers make me burp
and the price of figs
just pisses me off.


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10 responses to “In Which Aging is Somewhat Frowned Upon

  1. jeglatter

    Only somewhat :)…great write!

  2. Oh how our perspective changes with the years! You’ve written a good ‘un here, Mark.

  3. Yes, I am laughing. I like being told which poems to go read. Helps my aging mind 😉

  4. smiles…we used to eat cherries straight off the tree and come home stained purple…life def changes…

  5. I know I’ve grown more cynical as I’ve aged and I can’t imagine doing the same dirty things I did in childhood. This made me smile!

  6. Aging…yes. Well chosen words, deep sentiments. Excellent!

  7. dragyonfly

    We who grew up in the south, eating and sweating profusely at the same time…..I loved the Southern nod and the sweetness of this childhood memory, and of course cucumbers make you burp now, you have an adult stomach, besides, back then there were no burpless. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Aint aging great? Your poem made me giggle. Great job making us feel what you felt then and now.

  9. It’s good to have a grouch occasionally, I do it myself, often – but there are a few compensations, such as no longer being tied to the clock or the phone. or fashion fads.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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