I hope there is a threshold
to the amount
of control and deceit we
are willing to accept,

but I am skeptical,

how often we bow
to the bold, those
of pretend might
and slight morals.

We try to unwind in the evening;
a drink, news stories saturated
with symptoms — “the ninth shooting
downtown this month””hundreds
of live-birth abortions performed” —
so we sigh, change the channel
and hide from truth,

and because we hide,
politicians become more
powerful, the elite stronger
and all others weaker.
Each day another well-intentioned
lie takes takes away
another freedom, another right,
another choice.

Some hold out hope,
some pray,
for a worthy leader
with real solutions,
but the sword stays
in the stone.



For the Sunday Whirl



Filed under Poetry, Political, Politics

18 responses to “Skeptical

  1. Bravo! A thoughtful and well-wordled commentary on the reality of life today.

  2. Your last stanza is a strong metaphor. I like your fierce words, Mark. It will take the people of this country to make a difference, not the politicians.

  3. Excellent…this conveys so much of what I was feeling earlier this week. I, too, like that last “sword in the stone” stanza.

  4. Or they just try to justify their ineffectiveness by glorifying past mistakes…

  5. A very fierce poem–with so much truth in it (unfortunately) –and that ending is perfect!

  6. Definitely a powerful, thought provoking piece, love the last line. Great poem!

  7. What is it with politicians that they must serve themselves rather that the people the represent. We, they and the system are flawed. We are in big trouble throughout the world. I’d like to blame someone but can only see myself in the mirror.

  8. Great perspective. Highly effective use of a conversational style.;

  9. Amazing write! Thank goodness for those people who don’t hide but take action instead.

  10. hee hee hee hee . . .
    “no comment!”

  11. Our ability to withdraw keeps us sane. It may not keep us safe but sane. I love the sword/stone in the ending.

  12. “news stories saturated”
    oh yes, this!

  13. i think we sometimes hide from the truth because we feel so helpless but def. should try to do our part to change things and make the world a more peaceful place..i think the politicians feel helpless as well often..

  14. Excellent write, Mark.

  15. Laurie Kolp

    Prayer is a pwerful thing…

  16. Mark, your poem elicits a gut response from me: We need to stop waiting for leaders and find common ground as citizens. “Never doubt what a small group of people..” Margaret Mead was right. Small group by small group, concentrating on their common bonds. That’s what Jesus did. He was a community organizer! Thanks, AMy

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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