Eavesdropping at the Coffee Shop

The music and the clang
and hiss of the espresso machine
is just loud enough
to drown out parts of their

He fidgets a lot — does not know
what to do with his hands —
she has not taken her
eyes off of him.

I can not tell,
what they are talking about,
but I know he
should stop
bringing up


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21 responses to “Eavesdropping at the Coffee Shop

  1. I know its an expression, but here it sounds like she has only one eye, mmm? I am trying not to laugh at this poor man. I can see the scene clearly.

  2. t h i n g s + f l e s h

    what a lovely poetic meditation. thank you for sharing it with me today. often when i am making up a song, i will listen in on a tableful of friends workshopping love’s particulars in the coffee shop. i can’t tell you how many songs eavesdropping has inspired. tony

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  4. smiles. yes that does rather put a damper on things you know…
    relax…just a bit brother…lol

  5. I like the progression of this, Mark. That guy doesn’t have a clue.


  6. Felt like we needed to eavesdrop some more to see where their story goes. Between the fidgeting and talk about ex’s, not sure if it would go too much further! Amazing the things we hear or notice without hardly trying. Good capture.

  7. What Iike about this is the clarity that arises out of your observation of the couple. There just are some things that you can decipher from some circumstances, depending of course on the way life educates us 🙂

  8. This is vivid, and you describe the scene so well… I’m with you, the guy’s clueless!

  9. haha…he def. should…otherwise she’ll be up and away so quick he can’t look…smiles..well captured

  10. Scott

    Never bring up an ex! Good snap shot of a scene. As the reader I really did feel like I was listening in.

  11. aqua dragon fruit

    Ha! You are so wise, my friend. Very good line breaks and internal rhyme throughout. I like it. ~Shawna

    • Shawna? Shawna…? I used to know a Shawna who would trawl these pages with some regularity….not sure what happened to her…

      Glad you liked it. 😉

      • aqua dragon fruit

        This is she. 🙂

      • so glad to see you, hope you have been well.

        Been somewhat too busy for the searching out of friends lately (especially those who get spooked and like to hide). All I can do to post, much less read regularly.

      • aqua dragon fruit

        I don’t have anything worth reading; I’ve been keeping up with you somewhat and have certainly noticed your decline in production. I hope your new business venture is going well.

      • Not bad, just took a while. March was good, April going to be ok. So, outlook is positive, just have to sacrifice some things I would like to be doing in the short term. But it’s all good; school will be done in June, I should be able to start hiring some help by fall sometime. All part of the process and the price of self employed. No complaints really, life is good. 🙂

      • aqua dragon fruit

        I’m glad. 🙂

  12. Ha ha! Body language and snippets tell a story. Exes should remain there, not in current events. Very clever and a pleasure to read.

  13. Lol – They should all stop bringing up the ex’s! Nice poem:)

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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