Storm Dog

The dog knows the storms are close
long before we do,
pacing through her own private
terror, a search for escape
where none exists,
convinced the tumult outside
is in the room with her.

She never learns to control
her fear,
but we always know when
a storm is coming.


Filed under Poetry

5 responses to “Storm Dog

  1. MARK!!!!!!!!!! HEYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! So happy to see you!!!!!!!!!! I have missed you! I know, lord knows I know, how busy and distracted life can be. I am just glad that you came back around to visit! Thanks so much!!!! ♥

    My best to you ♥

  2. Liked the subject matter, animals are sensitive. Great poem!

  3. debzywebzy

    Oh man I was so gonna write about my dog with this one! Perhaps I still will. This is pretty awesome. =)

  4. Suzanne

    Love the title. Animals are so perceptive

  5. Our little dog was terribly afraid of storms, and it was almost a blessing when her hearing went, and she could no longer hear the storms. Sure do miss her.
    Excellent poem, Mark!
    Here’s my entry:

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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