The Price of Passivity

“Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.”   Martin-Niemöller.


I hope you are paying attention.

Your government has decided
they know how to run your
life better than you:
your medical care,
the food you eat, drinks you drink,
cars you drive, drugs you take/use,
what you learn and where you learn it,
religion you can speak versus what is silenced,
company you keep, how/if you retire,
money you make and how much you keep.

It is time to pay attention.

Your government has decided
you are their greatest enemy.
Drones overhead to track you,
laws to restrict you, Homeland Security
heavily armed, your weapons a threat,
true terrorist encouraged and financed,
while jobs disappear, children go hungry
and politicians prosper. You see, they know
the secret; it is easier to buy bread and butter
with bullets than fake money and promises,
and if you control the bullets and the butter,
you control the populace.

Are you paying attention?

Your government has decided
they do not want you free,
they want you as a subject,
serf, slave. And you are letting
it happen by your inattentiveness
and inaction.

I wish you were paying attention.




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6 responses to “The Price of Passivity

  1. Mark, after reading this, may I recommend that you read Fall of Giants and Winter of the World by Ken Follett. Your poem made me pay attention, and these two big books even more so.

  2. Laurie Kolp

    Powerful, strong piece, Mark. I’m paying attention.

  3. def a strong piece…the drone over head is a scary prospect…its been going on for some time though in texas and washington…only now are we really learning about it….def paying attention…the question is what response should there be…as we perpetuate the system in continuing to elect either side…

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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