County Walks, Sea Memories

There are times when I
still hurry past this place —
an interruption of peace
and contemplation — but the tree
has now grown enough
to disguise the wound
carved upon its skin.

Removed from sight
my mind can be at ease,
but there are memories
which can not be forgotten.

Tonight, emotions will be stirred
with my drink, I will take down
the jar of sand from the mantle
and spread it across the paths
of yesterday.

Perhaps, when the jar is empty,
I can begin to refill my heart.



For the Sunday Whirl wordle.



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18 responses to “County Walks, Sea Memories

  1. Oh, those last two lines!

    • 🙂 you always manage to pick out the foundational lines; the second to last was my starting point… since you are online and all (with 30 poems and a wordle behind you) I am curios about your thoughts on my wordle from last week

  2. I love the line about the tree being grown enough to disguise the scar (picturing a heart and initials grown over) … but the whole poem is very fine, and I agree with Margo – the last two lines are breath-taking…

  3. A wonderfully written wordle full of emotion.

  4. Mark, really enjoyed this. You used the tree and the jar so well. Great imagery with both.


  5. There is nothing like talking to nature and her responding to create great poetry. Well done.

  6. I will second, Margo, those last two lines are awesome, Mark.


  7. Oh I just love, so perfect.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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