Words on a Stone

It is cold,
this memory,
this granite placeholder,
permanent bookmark
in a set aside story.

Each time I resume
reading I begin
at this stone
and the words
become too blurred
to continue.



for the Trifecta 33 word challenge 


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27 responses to “Words on a Stone

  1. Stunning, Mark.
    I’m especially drawn to this phrase:
    “permanent bookmark
    in a set aside story.”

  2. I think the opening is very strong. I really enjoyed reading it. The metaphor is cool.

  3. I’ve reread this several times and your words stir me every time. So much said. Well done.

  4. Simply beautiful-it touched me deeply-loved the lines,”the words
    become too blurred to continue.”:-)

  5. I like this. Sometimes we just can’t get past a painful moment.

  6. The idea of a memory as a bookmark is awesome.

  7. Mark, you always write such strong images and emotions, very well– impressive, beautiful poem.

  8. What a gorgeous metaphor. I absolutely loved this.

  9. That is exactly, perfectly what memory is.

  10. Been there. *sigh* Still there.

  11. Scriptor Obscura

    This is excellent. You have to win this week. Shame if you don’t. This is really excellent. Took my breath away. This is my favorite this week so far. My, what. a. poem!!! *shakes head*…I dunno what else to say. You gotta participate in Trifecta more!!! 🙂

  12. indieflower

    This is great. Excellent piece.

  13. The rush of grieving emotion is palpable, well-conveyed.

  14. Congratulations on placing at Trifecta! You certainly deserved it–a beautiful piece 🙂

  15. I hope you don’t mind… this was so good, it inspired my own fictional poetry.


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  17. Bravo, Mark – strong lines, indeed.

  18. Laurie Kolp

    Grief can be like that. This is amazing, Mark.

  19. I have been there and thank you for this – I could never have written about it so eloquently, as if the moment of recalling is one with the moment of reading and not being able to continue…

  20. Amazing poem, filled with strong emotion.

  21. mmm while it is a book mark…it makes me think of a tombstone…and those can def be hard to get passed….in the story we call life….

  22. The best poetry, economical, and revealing itself gradually… Good stuff.

  23. Evokes strong emotion in so few words. Quite powerful, Mark

  24. Yes, so much packed into these words, a powerful, evocative image.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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