I am the monarch
of Monday
when the world
watches and
expectations are high,
it is Sunday,
when I’m alone,
I cry. . .

For Carry On Tuesday

Sunday Scribblings
and One Single Impression


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14 responses to “Expectations

  1. Sunday is a day of reflection and your poem conveys this. Well Done

  2. Love the phrasing, and deeply relate to the meaning and sentiment.

  3. How true that our public image and our private one can be so very different. Very well written verse!

  4. I love the twist on Monarch. What an enjoyable read here.

  5. To be the monarch of Monday; I can hardly wait…

  6. Beautifully expressed sentiment that many of us have felt!

  7. Jim

    🙂 Nice Mark. It reminds me of when I was in school and working and courting the Mrs. Jim-to-be. I told her she could have my Friday and one-half a weekend day. Sunday morning for church, afternoon for play, Saturday morning for house cleaning help, or afternoon for motorcycle riding.

    We went to church. Never alone in church.

  8. Sunday is the day you can be yourself, however painful that may be. Beautifully written.

  9. Very good small gem, but it would so much more ppowerful if you didn’t let yourself get Maudallin with that last word. Lose it and you leave yourself still the Monarch you were om Monday but changed now from having experienced life, but not dispirited by it. If you leave it you leave the impression of defeat. In your writing you must be the person you want others to see. You may feel defeATED, BUT THE NEXT DAY WILL BE ANOTHER mONDAY AND THE CYCLE OF STRENGTH, EXPERIENCE AND WISDOM BEGINS AGAIN.>kb excuse the capitals, I don’t look at the screen when I type.

  10. Lovely thoughts in succinct form.

  11. you got all the prompts in there! I love the monarch use it made me giggle! Sunday is my friday so my week is much different!

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