Jodi is Gay and Barack is Black

Well, it has been a while, well…at least a week, since I posted anything controversial. Must be about that time. I don’t know if it is age, or frustration, or anger, or just a bad attitude, but I feel less and less inclined to hold my tongue. Not that I have ever really held back…..


It was a big announcement,
a national platform,
attracted a lot of attention,
which, I guess, was the point.
Jodi is gay.
Am I now supposed to change
the way I think about her?
I used to think she was a good actress,
now she is a gay actress.
I did not think I was supposed
to care,
whether she was, or wasn’t.
It honestly never crossed my mind.

More news to report,
Barack is black. The news anchor
thought it important to point
it out. I knew, I have seen him.
Now, he is not “depths of Africa”
black, but I figured it out. The thing
is, it does not matter to me. Was it
supposed to? I do not agree
with his policies on…pretty much
anything, but I did not agree with
them when they came from
the mouth or Clinton, Kerry,
Gore or Carter. Now, when I voice
dissent, those who voted for him
based on the color of his skin
and not the content
of his character, call me the



Why is it those who protest the loudest against labels are the first to use them?



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3 responses to “Jodi is Gay and Barack is Black

  1. Jodi who….cares? we all bleed red when cut, we all breathe the same way, so be we of a color, fat, skinny, round or square we are all one race…the human race. God made us all in His image. And yes Charles the older we get the more freedom we have to speak our minds, mine doesn’t always make sense or remember short term but I earned this right in the winter of my years and no one is going to take it away or stop me from yapping! So go for it and when you get mu age feel free to express yourself even more 🙂

  2. The news about Jodie Foster was kind of non-news, unless one lives under a rock (which most seem to these days). I’d heard it some years ago, circa ’02 when she did The Panic Room, perhaps even before. Does that affect the quality of the acting, or maybe I should say the quality of the person? I think not. It is sad when so many depend on throwing labels, rather than the judging on the content of one’s character. It’s what’s inside that counts.
    Thanks for sharing this, Mark! P.S. I too find the older I get the less patience I have with those who would be so narrow-minded.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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