The Fine Line Between Madness and Genius

Beware the creative mind
sequestered in his cell —

works of art collecting dust
in corners, crumpled pearls
litter the floor, the air close
and stale. Sticky paint on his
bone-pale skin, dried ink
under nails, bed linen in
disarray, unconcerned with
notions of order or chaos —

on the verge of discovery
or destruction.

Do not knock or call
out his name. The slightest
disturbance can snuff
a filament of genius,
extinguishing an idea
never to be rekindled.



For the Sunday Whirl


Filed under Poetry, Poetry - Prompts

9 responses to “The Fine Line Between Madness and Genius

  1. Am I mad… or is this good?

  2. I hate when that happens… or when a dream on the verge of being remembered, wafts off again to that place where it was born.

  3. wouldn’t want to extinguish genius

  4. on the verge of discovery or destruction… that is a fine line for sure. I am no genius but I know the feeling of something right on the tip of my pen that might be my best work hangs in that thin air of discovery or destruction. Great piece!

  5. Reminds of the interruption suffered by Coleridge in the writing of Kubla Khan. I tell my wife never to interrupt a genius, but she refuses to understand I’m referring to myself. 😉 Great poem.

  6. Agree with James, reminds me of Coleridge. And yes, it’s a “beep” awfull feeling to lose a poem over the trivial thing

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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