She dreams dreams of peace,
pain free periods when joy
reigned. Memories crowd
reality, white walls and machines
replaced by visions of being
naked in paradise.

“Don’t worry,” she tells him.
“The garden is beautiful.”

He carries on, does what
he has always done,
while waiting patiently
for visions of being
naked in paradise.



For Poetic Bloomings, One Single Impression and Sunday Scribblings


Filed under Poetry, Poetry - Prompts

8 responses to “Visions

  1. This is beautiful writing. well done.

  2. For some reason this reminds me of my daughter and all she has gone through with illness…yet she is the one telling us the garden outside her pain is beautiful….Love this piece.

  3. This carries loads of depth… Very nice!!!

  4. Reasuring, to hear there’s a garden. Hmmm.. I always consider the source.

  5. J Cosmo Newbery

    I do, for his sake, hope it is worth the wait. Beautifully written.

  6. There’s a touch of Adam and Eve about this poem! Delightful.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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