We can pretend the drunk
on the throne still bears the
burden of rule,
but the ditch is more often
his home.

Virtue became a burden
and was abandoned
in a forgotten room.
The slow steps of regret
echo through the halls.

A twilight wind bends
the branches of dying trees,
in the diminishing light a
princess whispers a wish
down the courtyard well.

Dawn breaks on a palace
where poetry has died.

Saltcoats Castle


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15 responses to “Decadent

  1. The slow steps of regret echoing is great. Well done ty

  2. Stunning!! well done my friend well done 🙂

  3. magicalmysticalteacher

    The ending actually gives me hope. Even where poetry dies, dawn breaks. As long as the light keeps coming, so will the poems…sooner or later.

    Whirling with Bram Stoker

  4. Just about as good as it gets… excellent piece!

  5. nan

    Great write. The ending is superb.

  6. Fascinating. Not that I pre-expect anything but I wasn’t expecting this. Fun to write?

  7. Yes – add me to the chorus of the “ending fans” … a lovely read – enjoyed the mixing of the fantastical and another layer, it seems of social commentary, here beneath. 🙂

  8. The princess whispering her wish down the well fills me with despair. This is damn good, Mark.

  9. Loved your imagery, and yes the commentary. My wish is that the poetry in your palace never dies.


  10. That princess- she intrigues me. Has she been watching this whole scenario play out? I would not make a good princess- I would want to be throttling someone. Great write Mark.

  11. Nice, Mark. The opening pulls the reader in, and the ending is hopeful.


  12. Excellent poem with a touch of bittersweet in it.

  13. Mark, this spoke to me of the folly of hubris, of past glory that has since faded into obscurity… the last line is perrrrrfect, and it’s not entirely cynical. I hope for better things from this old ruin! What a great write. Thanks, Amy

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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