A Look

With practice, I learned to breathe.

The tumult of beginnings leads
to the clarity of familiarity,
giddy thoughts of youth yield
to the steady step of companions.

Along the way you learn to listen,
to take a breath before speaking,
to let bitterness die undeclared,
to venture forth with no destination.

Years impose their will, gray dominates
the mirror. Still, with the mysteries
of youth deciphered she can awaken
the fire within with merely a look.

With practice, I remember to breathe.



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22 responses to “A Look

  1. Stunning and timeless. This is a beauty, Mark.

  2. This is really good! Very emotional piece!

  3. Judging by your verse you’re doing a great deal more than breathing.

  4. Love the way the repetition frames this top and bottom. A very tidy little picture of maturity, Mark.

  5. Great journey, and proof, in a way, that practice makes perfect!

  6. Love it. Your voice is back [not that you lost it and you may have as many as you wish 🙂 — this is one of the ones of which I am fond]. The structure with the mirrored lines works beautifully. The second stanza? Yes.

  7. Your poem is beautiful.

  8. What an absolute delightful read, Mark. It is lovely.


  9. I like the journey, yet not forgetting the fire of the youth ~ First and last lines are perfect ~

  10. I did not wordle this week, thus saw your poem at Real Toads. But I recognized the words…..but had I not known they existed I would not have guessed that this poem was produced with wordle words. I love the beginning line, the ending line, and everything in between!

  11. Deep breath…loved this so very much. Well written.

  12. Very beautifully done, kiddo! Loved it.

  13. Laurie Kolp

    Breath-taking… = )

  14. beautiful, Mark, and insightful – the middle stanza really speaks to me… so much, apparently, i’ve yet to learn

  15. nice…i like the things you have learned along the way…that does come and is wisdom…it is good though that the fire can still be awakened with just a look …that is long standing love…smiles….

  16. Wow, and the fire still burns. Great capture!

  17. Tenderly versed and beautifully woven 🙂

  18. so sweet – I like the way you moved through feelings.

  19. Mark, I love this one. It’s just beautiful. I love the flow of thoughts, and how it returns to breath. Favorite line, one I will carry with me today: “to let bitterness die undeclared”.


Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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