The first hint of news brings dismay,
a smattering of details stirs fear,
full knowledge releases tears,
agony felt for other’s loss.
Fury will accompany the
morrow, loss of sacred
innocents. Questions
unending will be
asked. Nowhere
will acceptable
answers be


Begun from Kellie Elmore’s word list, interrupted by the news.

Our prayers go out.



Filed under Poetry

8 responses to “Questions

  1. This brought tears. ♥ Thank you, Mark. Happy to see you again…sorry it’s under such sad circumstances.

  2. There truly are no words, but your piece speaks poignantly.

    Heartsick …

    Marie Elena

  3. A beautifully written response.

  4. Well written, and powerful thoughts and emotions. With the way you shaped the words, I also found myself reading it not backwards, but in the reverse of the words order, seems just as powerful.

  5. strong response to the tragic events today. the range of emotions, while all on the negative spectrum, are powerfully displayed, with each given it’s own credence. Dismay, fear, loss, fury, questioning, no resolve. Great write Mark. Thanks

  6. It’s a total shell-shocked situation. More so when children so young the victims. They never had a chance! Nicely Mark!


  7. I worry that it’s your last sentence that will prove to be prophetic.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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