Sparks in Dead Leaves

Looking back, autumn does seem an odd
time to begin an affair…

We raced for the sunset,
she trying to capture falling
leaves through the open sunroof,
me attempting to drive while distracted
by desire. Only luck and diffused light
through the trees enabled me to follow
the proper westward fork in the road
so we could see the final glow, witness
the last sand of the day fall.
A manic need to be present for another end,
as if it would ensure another beginning.

Love is not dependent on the seasons for change.
There was no snow to signal our chill,
merely a disconnect, the spark no longer finding
the fuse, wax from spent candles left in disfigured
puddles on the floor. Hearts were not hewn, gods
did not clash when we parted. We both smiled,
she kissed my cheek and we parted down
different paths, neither turning to watch
the other leave.

I drive through the woods on occasion,
usually at night with the sunroof open,
trying to capture moonbeams as they fall.

sunroof view

sunroof view (Photo credit: sky tastes like blue)

Notes: This started from a couple of different ideas and evolved to include the Sunday Whirl Wordle words. It is a bit different from me simply from the standpoint of longer lines, which always make me think it would be better suited for prose.


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15 responses to “Sparks in Dead Leaves

  1. Oh, I love you trying to catch moonbeams here.

  2. So nostalgic. I really enjoyed this

  3. Mark, I’m so glad you woke up your words, when you produce gems like this poem.

  4. This starts so great, real strong, but then the second stanza loses it for me.

  5. love is not dependant on the seasons for change…true that…i def feel the longing and loss in the trying to catch those moon beams in the end which is a brilliant close…nice piece mark….

  6. “Love is not dependent on the seasons for change…” But, wow! What a perfect metaphor it lent you. This elicited a very vivid memory for me…not an affair, but a deep friendship gone awry in Autumn. This is one of your best, Mark!

  7. leahJlynn

    Nice read and it would be great if partings were just as you’s had written it. simply going our own ways. 🙂

  8. I got where you were going…and might have caught a moonbeam…neither turning to watch the other leave…love the strength in that quiet acceptance

  9. “and we parted down
    different paths, ”
    A bit sad and melancholic, and yet somehow such a sweet capture. Sometimes the parting, though inevitable, still leaves in it’s wake a wondering, a what if? kind of feeling that tiptoes into those quiet moments when we commune with our past. This is lovely.

  10. I think the poem needs ruthless editing, but, as far as longer lines, you’re gold. You have a good feel for line breaks. If longer lines is what your brain is producing, embrace it.

  11. I like the beginning part, with the catching of leaves through the sunroof…great imagery.

  12. Shawna

    Your opening two lines are fantastic; how attention grabbing. And I love this line on its own: “she trying to capture falling”—like she wants to catch the feeling of falling in love inside a bottle and keep it forever … she knows it always disappears.

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