Missing You

It is supposed to get …
A little time, a lot of effort —
some things take effort.

Mostly it is an issue of breathing…
and control.
Focus comes into play,
being able to block out
useless thoughts and distractions.
Focus…yes, this is where I usually fail,
Things start to go awry.

Friends try to help,
offer hope and encouragement,
but some things you have
to do alone.

Too many nights spent
sitting in the dark,
it is time.
No more excuses.

Control my breathing — slow, shallow —
a steady hand,
remember training,
careful aim this time.

I won’t miss you again.


Something tells me this is not what Stu had in mind when he asked for a poem about ‘Missing You” at the dVerse Pub tonight. The sentimentality just would not come for me, could not get past this image, could not stop myself from going through with it.

Bang! 🙂


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16 responses to “Missing You

  1. hahahahahaha…you slay me…i think i know a few women that would hope we start to get it right….perfect….read it out loud to my wife….she laughed too

  2. Wow. Still not sure who you are shooting, but I love this.

  3. Wonderful poem hope this isn’t autobiographical God bless;)

  4. Nice. Had some good moments. At times its apparent that you really only need to work more at refining things getting an eye for the right phrasing and timing. It wouldn’t take you longto notice a difference.>KB

  5. relate to this, entirely.

  6. hahah…so good…almost falling off the chair with laughing…cool take on the prompt

  7. Ha! That ending snuck up on me! Love it.

  8. Oh..I think I have just understood this poem. I am so glad I was not the first to comment on this poem. I would have made a complete fool of myself,

  9. poemsofhateandhope

    ha ha ha Mark- this is brilliant….i won’t miss you ths time- how many times have i said that…lol…good on you Mark for coming up with this, great take on the prompt!! it doesn’t always have to be sentimental- this cut me up….you kill it!

  10. how vivid you describe the struggle.
    absolutely love the last line… like a punch.

  11. Love it..sounds like in this poem too much time was spent “missing you” and it was time to not do it any more.

  12. 🙂 thank you for the laugh – i think i have a few such miss you toos:)

  13. For some reason, I have an image of a man trying to not miss the toilet in the dark. Unsure that’s what you intended, but that’s where my (slightly off-kilter) brain went this morning.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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